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Nestled atop the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Hill Top Oaks originated as the Davis Brother’s shorthorn cattle ranch in 1965. In 2016, the fences came down when the Davis family converted the barn filled with so many memories into a wine production facility and the first vineyard was planted on the hilltop.

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Our Story

Named by their mother Jean Davis (1965), Hill Top Oaks takes advantage of the fertile organic soil where the Shorthorns once roamed. The vines catch the prevailing delta breeze during the day as well as the cooler evening winds as they drift off the Sierra Nevada’s.

The rich soil and gentle winds nourish the vines, making the wines of Hill Top Oaks some of Loomis’ best.

Hill Top Oaks


Ron Feist

Interview with Ron Feist

1. The work and know-how that goes into creating a wine is no small thing, it takes years of practice, understanding, and mastery. That being said, you’ve obviously helped bring life to many different wines, so what is it exactly that makes the Hill Top Oaks product special? What makes…

Mark Davis

Interview with Mark Davis

1. First and foremost, what is your role with Hill Top Oaks and what does your position entail? I would say I oversee (manage) the entire operation. From the vineyard duties, sourcing extra grapes, buying equipment or sourcing winery equipment, assisting with winemaking, planning for the inventory of bottles, corks,…

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