Hill Top Oaks

Our History

Named by Mark’s mother Jean Davis (1965), Hill Top Oaks started as a shorthorn cattle ranch ran by the Davis boys. Mark and Scott spent many year raising cattle for 4H with their fathers help. Their father maintained the barn over the years and made small updates leaving its charm. After Mark’s father passed, Mark and his wife Amy converted the old family barn into winery. Behind the Barn, overlooking the Sierra Nevadas they have planted a variety of grapes. The view from the vinyard is breathtaking.

Starting as small family home winemaker Mark, his brother-in-law Tim, Father-in-law Ron, and great friend John started with local grapes and created their first three wines. The bottled Cab Franc, Primitivo, and Zin Proper were entered into a few home winemarkers competitions. Their 2016 Cab Franc won Gold Best in Class at Sacramento Home Winemakers Assocation and Double Gold at the Orange County Fair. Their Primitivo took Gold at the Lodi Bottle Shock. Zin Proper won Gold at the Sacramento Home Winemakers Assocation. All three wines won silver at the State Fair. The men knew their small family fun project was becoming a sucess and set off with the challenge of making more viaretials. Since then they have made 10 types of wine and a few blends.

Owners of HTO

Our People

Photo of Mark Davis

Mark Davis

Photo of Dr. Ron L. Feist

Dr. Ron L. Feist


John Costa